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​​​​​​​Do You Seek Connection to Some of the Most Influential Business Leaders in the Country?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CBD Industry Summits is pleased to announce its

 inaugural CPA's in CBD Industry Summit. 


Opt-in by clicking the button at the bottom of the page if you wish to be considered for a 30-minute speaking position (recorded interview format).

Here are a few points to consider when completing your application:

The audience of this CBD Industry Summit will be CPA's, CPA Practice Managers, Managing Partners, Independent CPA Practitioners, and other professional services providers in and around accounting and finance. The targeted attendee of this Virtual Summit is the CPA who wishes to develop expertise and context around approaching CBD industry entrepreneurs and CBD companies of all types in an effort to grow his or her practice. 

Professionals being sought for these coveted spots included the following;

CPA Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Niche Practice Professionals                                     (5 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Subject Matter Authorities                                                    (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Regulatory Subject Matter Experts                                                    (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Supply Chain Subject Matter Experts                                                (1 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Authors                                                                                 (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Lobbyist and Regulators                                                      (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Formulators                                                                          (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Branding and Marketing Subject Matter Experts                 (2 Slots Available)

CBD/Hemp Industry Entrepreneurs and Business Owners                                   (9 Slots Available)


This event aims to address the CBD/Hemp business environment, trends, and business opportunities for the CPA interested in approaching the industry's entrepreneurs and business owners.

Participating presenters will be in receipt of interview questions two to four days prior to their chosen time slot for the recorded Zoom Conference interview. All interviews will be conducted by CBD Industry Summits Professionals. All materials become the property of CBD Industry Summits with full licensed use granted to the Presenter. 

CBD Industry Summits ​​​​​​​

Call for Speakers​​​​​​​

The audience of the Fall 2019 CPA's in CBD Summit will be CPA's and financial services professionals seeking expertise in working with CBD industry players. These are some of the most connected business professionals in any industry. Your connection to them may be quite valuable. 

Business professionals, doctors, clinicians, nurses, veterinarians, veterans, patients, purchasing agents, and all others associated professionally with the business are invited to apply to speak.

If you are having trouble submitting this form, please email the information for all the fields below to​​​​​​​.

Selected applicants will be contacted by the phone# or email address they provide in the online application.

NOTE: Confirmed speakers will receive complimentary contact information on all attendees of the virtual summit. In addition, all participating speakers will be featured as Subject Matter Experts in all marketing and promotional material for the Summit. Speaker content will become the property of CBD Industry Summits available for unlimited non-exclusive use. We are not able to provide an honorarium.

Share Your Experience 

Grow Your Business

There will never be a better time to share your expertise with industry professionals who value collaboration, expertise, and growth. ​​​​​​​

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